Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN QLD)

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The MYAN QLD is the Queensland recognised policy and advocacy body representing multicultural youth issues auspiced by MyQ. We believe that young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds have particular settlement needs and face particular barriers in accessing the support they require to ensure their full participation in Australian society.

Our Goals are to ensure that: 

  • The particular needs of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds are recognised in both the government and non-government sectors, in policy and service delivery. 
  • There is a coherent and nationally consistent approach to addressing these needs in policy and service delivery.
  • Wherever young people settle in Australia, they are able to access targeted, multicultural youth-specialist support.

Our work involves: 

  • Provide advice to the Local, State and Federal government on multicultural youth issues, through policy papers, representation on advisory bodies, etc.
  • Promote the needs and issues facing young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in the broader youth and settlement sectors through policy and sector development work.
  • Support the development of infrastructure at the local and regional level to promote and build a multicultural youth-specialist approach.


For more information visit MYAN QLD

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