Cultural Consultants

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Cultural Consultants 

The Cultural Consultants program is aimed at assisting young people from the ages of 15-24 years to build the capacity of other young CALD people to actively participate in Australian society. This is achieved through developing early intervention strategies to promote employment opportunities, provide a strong support network and by bridging cultural, gender and intergenerational gaps that can exist within CALD communities.

The purpose of the program is to deter young people in the community from engaging in anti-social behaviour and this is accomplished through training the Cultural Consultants focusing on the three core outcomes of Education, Empowerment and Employability. The training package consists of the following modules:

1.      Communication
2.      Strength & Capability Development
3.      Core Skill Development
4.      Teamwork
5.      Cultural Competence
6.      Peer Support
7.      Social Skills
8.      Life Skills
9.      Social Media Awareness
10.   Job Readiness

Once the training has been completed the Cultural Consultants will have obtained practical knowledge and core skills that will assist them to become more confident in working with young people in their community. The Cultural Consultants will have learnt skills in engagement and gained friendships and networks with other people from various cultures. They would now have the skills required to advocate for change within the local community and provide a voice for young people in their own community. The Cultural Consultants will be provided with ongoing employment opportunities with MyQ to attend events, run programs and/or events and engage with stakeholders on a meaningful level. 

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