MYG Declaration and Waiver

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I wish to participate in the 2016 Multicultural Youth Games (herein after referred to as the “competition"). Therefore, I hereby:

  1. Understand that there are potential and unforeseeable risks that may be associated with the competition, which may result in injury whilst participating.
  2. Understanding the potential risks associated with the competition, I agree to indemnify, release and discharge Multicultural Sports Club (MSC) and partners from all liability for any injury, loss, damage or costs/expenses caused, arising or incurred through my participation.
  3. Acknowledge that MSC Club & its staff/volunteers will take all reasonable care during the course of the competition & I will not hold them responsible for any damage/loss to property and/or accidents.
  4. Authorise MSC and its employees/volunteers to act on my behalf should I require medical attention during the course of the competition and indemnify them from any legal action in the cause of rendering me the assistant.
  5. Confirm to the best of my knowledge that I do not suffer from any medical conditions.
  6. Agree to abide by the following to which the league subscribes:
  • The Rules & By Laws of the competition
  • The Laws of the Game of Football as governed by the FIFA
  • The laws and rules of the game for Indoor Volleyball as per the international body FIVB.
  • The standards outlined in the Code of Behaviour

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