Who we are

Multicultural Youth Queensland (MyQ) is the Multicultural Youth peak body of Queensland supporting and advocating for young people from multicultural backgrounds. Although only in our present form since 2012, we have a long history in youth work dating back to 1984. Our parent company, Access Community Services Ltd (ACSL), was initially established to provide employment programs to support disadvantaged youth living in Logan. Since then, our involvement in multicultural youth issues has expanded significantly to include a focus on youth-led systemic advocacy to influence government policy and programs, sector development and capacity building.

Our vision

Our vision is of a socially cohesive community where multicultural young people are able to equitably and realise their goals socially, culturally, economically and politically. We achieve this through:

  • Drawing state and national attention to the needs, interests and contributions of multicultural young people, including those living in regional and rural areas.
  • Providing policy and service delivery advice all levels of government, peak bodies and service providers to improve policy and service responses to multicultural young people. This includes opportunities for young people to represent their own views.
  • Work with the youth sector across the government, community, academic and private institutions to respond to needs of young people and increase the opportunities and support provided to them.
  • Developing the capacity of mainstream service providers to become more culturally responsive and inclusive through the provision of information and advice, cross-cultural training and resources and joint projects.
  • Providing meaningful opportunities for young people to contribute to MyQ’s policy and service delivery work.

Our mission

To empower young people in shaping their own futures and lead from a youth angle.

Our values

Our core commitments include:

  • Strengthening Leadership – MyQ is committed to inspiring, motivating and engaging others in goal-oriented activity to improve life outcomes for multicultural young people.
  • Youth development – MyQ is committed to equipping multicultural young people with the resources to create their own change and be the change they want to see in the community.
  • Active Citizenship – MyQ is committed to ensuring that multicultural young people can equitably and meaningfully participate in the social, cultural, economic and political life of the community.
  • Justice – MyQ is committed to challenging the broader social conditions that give rise to, or exacerbate, disadvantage among multicultural young people.
  • Capacity building – is committed to working with the youth sector and equipping them with skills to work effectively with young people from multicultural backgrounds.
  • Respect – MyQ is inclusive of all young people and their needs.

MyQ is the QLD state partner of Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network (MYAN) – Australia’s recognised policy and advocacy body representing multicultural youth issues.

MYAN Australia believes that young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds have particular settlement needs and face particular barriers in accessing the support they require to ensure their full participation in Australian society.

For more information visit MYAN Australia.