Multicultural Youth Australia Census report 2017-2018

The Multicultural Youth Australia Census Status Report 2017/2018 launched as the first ever status report and national study of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Almost one third of the data came from Queensland and Access/MyQ was a key partner in this research.
The Report presents rich insights into how young people from diverse cultural backgrounds and faring socially, economically and culturally, highlighting the complex and sometimes conflicting values, opportunities, challenges and aspirations of these cohorts. Overall, the report illustrates young multicultural people in Australia as optimistic, highly engaged and possessing unique intercultural skills and resilience that positions them to thrive in Australian society.

We thank the young people that participated in Queensland. From these contributions, we gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by young people from diverse backgrounds. The report that is used to help policymakers and organisations who work with young, diverse people to develop better policies and programs that enrich the lives of multicultural youth and contribute to the social cohesion of Australian society.